I Deleted Some Blog Posts and I Thought You Should Know

For the sake of transparency, I wanted to say that I deleted a handful of blog posts from this site that were frankly terrible. They were “Rethinking Man—What are We?” and “Understanding the Afterlife—” Parts 1 and 2 on “Hell” and “Sheol”. I have no idea what to do with anthropology, and I now reject the kind of unconscious existence implied by my post on Sheol. I also considered deleting my posts on Romans 9, apocalyptic literature, and several posts on hell, but decided not to, as I think someone might still find value in these.

Instead, I would recommend a couple additional resources:

David Instone-Brewer on Jesus’ view of hell in light of pre-70 AD rabbinical debates:

Leighton Flowers on why Romans 9 concerns corporate election to service (contra Thomas Schreiner):

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